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Class of 1963 – 50 year

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**Updated 1/24/14**

Here are a few photos from the event:


**Original Post**

The class of 1963 is getting together Friday August 16th, from 6:30-11:30pm.  The  event will be held at the Crowne Plaza Hotel, located at 1441 NE 2nd Ave (map).  You can get more details over at their event home page:

Class of 1963 Reunion Website

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  1. The photos are even more fun then the faces of these friendly fellows are again familiar. Here is the key to any of the group pictures: 1st ROW Ted Baxter, David Davis, Dwayne Brackhahn, Randy Turnbull, Dick Hodge, Ken Dunder, Cal Flanary, Charles Minor. 2nd ROW Richard Barclay, Tom Belusko, Ron Izatt, Ed DelSol, Glenn Spurlock, Jack Hoffman, Fred Warren, Brett McAllister, Phil McMullin, Dick Clarke. 3rd ROW Dennis Rotto, Richard Green, Keith Crimin, Brad Lorenz, Jim Laws, Charles Depperman, Jim Ticen, Steve Petruzelli, Ron Stark, Dave McCoy, George Milne, John Rocheleau, Steve Johnson, Cal Webber, Larry Anderson. 4th ROW Joe Ekstrom, John Baxter, Louis Dix, Bob Schwinof, Jan Vreeland, Alan Senner, Roger Edwards, Phil VanDoren, Bruce McGavin, Don Watt, Ken Mitchell, Emilio Quinton, Alan Krug, Mike Ray, Morris Messinger, Don Fantz, Lynn Forsythe, Ron Rupert, Edgar Scott, Harvey Lockett, Duane Johnson, Steve Borge, Jerry Schmidt, Mike Jensen, Rolfe Rehse. 5th ROW Jerry Knox, Jim Lyons, Bill Given, Dave Steele, Mark Smith, Paul Crase, Doyle Sounders, Jim Kershaw, Bruce Johnson, Ray Steinberder/Hudnut, Harry Jackson, Earl Mershon, & Bob Kennedy. Hint – the shirts can be more help than the faces.

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