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  1. I wish I were still in the metro area to help with this.

    In Oregon in the early 70’s and into 1980 there was a professional organization called Oregon Council for Computer Education (OCCE). In 1980, because of the tremendious growth in Oregon and Washington (as well as Western Canada) it became NCCE (Northwest Council for Computer Education). Originally this organization supported Computer Science as well as Computer Applications.
    By the mid 80’s NCCE shifted into Compute Applications and away from Computer Science, so those of us that were actually teaching Computer Science then created CSTA (Computer Science Teacher’s Association) to meet the needs of Computer Science Education in Oregon. Both NCCE and CSTA are currently active in Oregon. CSTA went national in the 90’s and is now working with ACM (Association for Computing Machinery) and has developed an outstanding Computer Science curriculum for K-12.
    As the TEALS program points out, there are few people in industry trained in Computer Science that are willing to take a 70% pay cut to go back to a school and teach Computer Science.
    There are a few people in Oregon that still try to offer Computer Science classes in programming, and data structures, but with the continual hacking away at school budgets it is becoming much more difficult. Even freeing up a willing teacher for one period to work with a software engineer as the TEALS program is trying to do is difficult for many schools.
    A possible contact person to see what is still going on in Oregon CSTA would be Jason Galbraith in Beaverton. his e-mail address is:
    jason_galbraith [at] beaverton [dot] k12 [dot] or [dot] us

    Is this a program that Benson and its staff want to put back?
    I am still a member of CSTA and have copies of the CSTA/AMC Curriculum for Computer Science if the principal (or any one else) is interested in looking it over.

    Bob Park – Class of 61′
    Teacher for over 35 years
    Past President of CSTA and retired

  2. Hi Bob. I posted this article purely to gauge interest of any alumni that happen by this post. At this point, I don’t know of any organized effort to get this or any other computer science program going again at Benson. If I learn of anything new, I’ll make sure to update this post.

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