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Alumni directory from Harris Connect

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** Updated 11/7/2013 **

Many of you have received a postcard asking you to update your contact information with a company called Harris Connect.  They are in the business of creating alumni directories and selling them directly to alumni.  While the BPHSAA isn’t involved with this effort, we encourage you to update your contact information with them.

No purchase is necessary.

When you call, the representative will try to sell you several different versions of the directory (bound, electronic, etc.).  While purchasing is completely optional, we have seen the previous directory Harris Connect published and it is very comprehensive.

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  1. This same company produced a directory in 1996 & another in 2007. The 2007 issue was very helpful to me for contacting classmates for our 50 year reunion. I don’t know that being listed in this directory has caused me any problems so I encourage Benson grads to respond. Purchase of the directory has been optional for respondents.
    R. Edwards, Class of ’63

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